Who would have guessed? Mauritius will host 2012 GFMD

Posted on September 19, 2011


After the June meeting of the “Friends of the Forum” went by without any announcements made regarding the GFMD chair for 2012, many observers were speculating about the host of next years’ meeting. Now it has been revealed: Mauritius offered to welcome the Global Forum and named three major incentives to do so:

First, the history and development of the country was shaped by migration. Second, Mauritius wants to bring forward the islander and oceanic perspective. And, third and maybe most central, Mauritius wants to reinforce the GFMD debate on circular migration. The country has been actively involved in previous GFMDs and promotes Circular Migration Programmes. Agreements have been reached with partner countries: Since 2006, the first 300 workers have taken employment in Canada in the food processing industries and a cleaning company  with some having returned by now. In April 2010, a Bilateral Agreement with France was ratified that will provide opportunities for some 1000 Mauritian professionals to access to the French labour market. Potential migrants can register on an interactive platform: http:/www.smsjobs.mu/

France has provided  Mauritius with 1 Million Euros over a 3-year period has for training.

A  background paper can be found here:


The program is also assisted by the IOM in terms of recruitment, selection, preparation and assessment.

While the dominant theme of the 2012 has been made clear, there have been no announcement yet regarding the format of the meeting – will it be decentralized like this year’s events hosted by Switzerland or return to the approaches from previous years?

Background: Initially, Morocco had offered to host the 2012 meeting but withdrew. There were speculations about South Africa jumping in; For 2013, the second High Level Dialogue (HLD) on migration at the UN-level has been scheduled, and Sweden offered to host the 2014 meeting:




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